Customers/ Technical assistance offered to our Isuzu customers

Free driver and fleet customers technician training
We offer two types of drivers training to our customers, i.e. Defensive & Smart trucking training. Defensive training is a one day class- based training while Smart tracking is a practical training on reduction of vehicle maintenance cost e.g. fuel saving tips. As our customer, feel free to request for any of the mentioned trainings through our Technical Support department.

Customer support visit on site
The Isuzu East Africa Technical Support team conducts regular onsite customer visits to offer any assistance with regards to Isuzu products and services.

Information service
We deliver all vehicles with service & warranty and owner’s manuals that provide our customers with all the required information on our products and services.

Roadside assistance
In case of vehicle breakdown during normal use, the driver/customer will be advised by our technical support team on what procedures to be undertaken to get the vehicle to the nearest dealership for checks and repairs.

Towing service
 Isuzu East Africa has a contract with a towing supplier to offer the service when the need arises.

For further information on Isuzu Technical Support, call +254 703 013 333 or +254 703 013 222